AMA: Use of BMI alone is an imperfect clinical measure

Body mass index (BMI) is easy to measure and inexpensive. It also has standardized cutoff points for overweight and obesity and is strongly correlated with body fat levels as measured by the most accurate methods. But BMI is an imperfect measure because it does not directly assess body fat.

Long COVID – One Year On

Long COVID is now a recognized complication of acute COVID-19 infection. As the COVID-19 pandemic moves into its third year, the prevalence of Long COVID continues to increase. Many individuals report symptoms lasting longer than a year, and a subset of this group is unable to work. This article will provide an update on Long COVID, with a particular focus on distinguishing it from other clinical entities. It will review several proposed disease mechanisms and will attempt to anticipate the impact on disability insurance.

Long COVID – An Early Perspective

A new syndrome called “Long COVID” has emerged amongst the survivors of acute COVID-19 infection. Its protracted and debilitating nature will almost certainly result in many short and long-term disability claims. Insurers need to understand the nature of Long COVID, including its definition, its prevalence, its natural history, and underlying risk factors. This article will summarize current knowledge of Long COVID and provide a perspective on its evolution and its impact.

Long Covid – Into the Third Year

As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches the end of its third year, and as COVID-related mortality in North America wanes, long Covid and its disabling symptoms are attracting more attention. Some individuals report symptoms lasting more than 2 years, and a subset report continuing disability. This article will provide an update on long Covid, with a particular focus on disease prevalence, disability, symptom clustering and risk factors. It will also discuss the longer-term outlook for individuals with long Covid.

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