The Executive of CLIMOA for 2023

To contact any member of the executive please check their name in the members section of this site or send an email.


  • Antoinette Le Roux
  • Fran├žois Sestier
  • Georgiana Willwerth-Pascutiu
  • Kim Minish
  • Marco Percque
  • Parminder Ghura
  • Rahul Nawander
  • Tim Meagher
  • Tea Mamaladze


  • President: P. Ghura
  • Vice-President: T. Mamaladze
  • President elect
  • Treasurer: R. Nawander
  • Secretary: K. Minish
  • Website Liaison: M. Percque
  • Members at large: Aurora Hollo, Emoke Posan, Fathi Kharmachi