Webinar September 28th, 2023To Sleep Perchance to Breathe : OSA and its impact on Morbidity and Mortality – by Dr. Najib Ayas

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I am happy to invite you to the next educational webinar of 2023 and excited, as I believe it will be as valuable to you as our webinars have been in the past. As you know, CLIMOA offers these webinars free of charge to the life and living benefits insurance community.

Plan to join us on Thursday, September 28 @ 11:00am ET – The topic of the webinar is:

To Sleep Perchance to Breathe: OSA and its Impact on Morbidity and Mortality

Our speaker is Dr. Najib Ayas who is the Medical Manager of the sleep program at the UBC Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia and chair of the guideline committee for sleep disordered breathing at the Canadian Thoracic Society. After reviewing Dr. Ayas’ many past publications, it is clear that this is someone who has dedicated a large part of his career to the mortality and morbidity of obstructive sleep apnea and has a very clear understanding of this topic. 

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