2013 Meeting

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2013 Summary of the Presentations

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Insurable
or Not The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Dr. Harry Rakowski
Optimizing Brain HealthDr. Sandra Black
Barretts and the risk of cancerDr. Norman Marcon
Where has it been and where is it expected to go.Jean-Marc Fix FSA
Hepatitis C: Insurable or uninsurable. What not to miss.Dr. Jordan Feld
Web based screening for mental disorders. Does it work?Dr. Ash Bender
Atrial fibrillation induced by exerciseDr. Peter Backx
Lipids Guidelines Update Optimizing care for high risk patientsDr. Dominic Ng
Physical inactivity is as harmful as smokingDr. Tim Meagher
Life expectancy and morbidity in Parkinsons diseaseDr. Connie Marras
Opening Pandoras Box: What to make of serum protein
electrophoresis results
Dr. Janey Hsaio
Asthma or COPD: Does it matter?Dr. Ronald Grossman
Presenteeism and workpace health promotionDr. Carol Cancelliere
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fact or fictionDr. Susan Abbey
Legal issues in genetic testing in CanadaFrank Zinatelli
Mortality risks associated with hereditary breast ovarian cancerDr. Judy Beamish, Ellen Warner
Negative family history preferredDr. Thomas Ashley
The European perspectiveDr. Kevin Somerville
Hepatitis B: This just inDr. Morris Sherman
US genetic testing laws: Issues Past, Present and FutureDr. Bruce Margolis
Seeing what others don’t see: An electrophysiologist opinesDr. Louise Harris