2012 Meeting

Past Programs List

2012 Summary of the Presentations

Percutaneous Valves : Will They Change MortalityDr. Reda Ibrahim
Cardiovascular Disease Prediction in 2012Dr. Georges Thanassoulis
Brain Imaging and MortalityDr. Ruben Becker
Traumatic Brain Injury : Current Concepts and ResearchDr. Alain Ptito
Addiction and DisabilityDr. John Sader
Negative Dynamics between Ontario Disability Insurance SystemsDr. Michel Lacerte
Confronting UncertaintyDr. Jay Brophy
Mortality in Rheumatoid ArthritisDr. Henri Menard
Hereditary NeuropathiesDr. Colin Chalk
Osteoporosis : Morbidity and MortalityDr. Louis-Georges Ste-Marie
How Insurable is HIV DiseaseDr. Robert Kneepkens
Controversies in Critical IllnessDr. Francois Sestier
Opioids and MortalityDr. Mark Ware
Alzheimer’s Disease : Is Mortality ChangingDr. Serge Gauthier
Underwriting the ChannelopathiesDr Fabrice Chouty
Increasing Longevity How Will it Challenge InsurersDr Jean Pierre Wiedmer
Obstructive Sleep Apnea What Are the RisksDr. John Kimoff
Prognostic Issues for Adults with Congenital Heart DiseaseDr. Judith Therrien
Underwriting Multiple SclerosisDr. Tuong Minh Nguyen
Recent Trial Results on PSA Testing & Prostate Cancer MortalityDr. Armen Aprikian