2011 Meeting

Past Programs List

2011 Summary of the Presentations

How Do Our Genes Make Us SickDr. Steve Scherer
Excessive Daytime SleepinessDr. David S. Kanawaty
Health Care Needs in the Next Four DecadesDr. Francois Sestier
Ethnicity = an Independent Cardiovascular Risk FactorDr. Shafiq Qaadri
Hypercoagulability: The Good, The Bad and The IrrelevantDr. Bill Geerts
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeDr. Irving Salit
Pain: Is It a DisabilityDr. Donald Abbott
Triglycerides: Digesting Data After LunchDr. David Winsemius
Underwriting SyncopeDr. Daniel Zamarripa
Is Cirrhosis an Insurable EntityDr. David Wong
Mental Disorders and MortalityDr. Ash Bender
An Epidemic of ConfusionDr. Howard Minuk
Novel Screening and Treatment Strategies for Pancreas CancerDr. Steve Gallinger
New Developments in Evaluating the ProstateDr. Neil Fleshner
Psychiatric Aspects of Disability AnalysisDr. John LoCascio
Comprehensive Geriatric AssessmentsDr. Rajin Mehta
Canadian Life Insurance Changes: Will We Thrive or SurviveDr. Cathy Honor
Unexpected Death in the YoungDr. Paul Dorian