2007 Meeting

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2007 Summary of the Presentations

The Curious World of ProbabilitiesJeffrey Rosenthal
Cardiovascular Risk Factors – Association with AD and MCIDr. Linda Goodwin
Connecting the Dots – Underwriting Connective Tissue Diseases with ConfidenceDr. Philip Baer
Underwriting CAD in the Under 50 yr Age GroupDr. François Sestier
Tobacco Addiction and the Medical DirectorDr. Guy Tremblay
Childhood Cancer Survivors – Facing the FutureDr. Mark Greenberg
Utility of Echo and Stress Echocardiography in Clinical and Insurance MedicineDr. Zion Sasson
Vascular Cognitive Impairment: A Looming Epidemic in our Aging PopulationDr. Sandra Black