1999 Meeting

Past Programs List

1999 Summary of the Presentations

Hep B & CDr. Kaita
Fatty LiverDr. Minuk
Sleep DisorderDr. Kryger
SLEDr. Foerster
Insurable Glomerula DiseaseDr. T. Meagher
Diagnostic testing in Musculoskeletal DisordersDr. Sommer
Myofacial Pain/ FibromyalgiaDr. Crayton
Prostate CancerDr. Ramsay
Breast CancerDr. Bowman
Infectious Disease TrendsDr. L. Nicolle
Making sense of Psychologist’s ReportsDr. M. Stambrook
Long term outlook for arrhythmiasDr. R. MacKenzie
Underwriting Coronary Disease in FemalesDr. G. Cumming