1998 Meeting

Past Programs List

1998 Summary of the Presentations

The New BrackenridgeDr. Sandy Lowden
A Kings Health Center Perspective on Private/Public Health Care MixDr. P. Tepperman
A Homewood Health Center Perspective on Private/Public Health Care MixDr. E. Perez
Underwriting Inflamatory Bowel DiseaseDr. T. Meagher
Alcoholism: Mortality, Effects of TreatmentDr. G. Cunningham
Recent trends in CAD MortalityDr. B. R. MacKenzie
Assessing Stress Test ResultsDr. G. Trembly
The heart in Diabetes Mellitus: An Insurance PerspectiveDr. Hafeezul Mohammed
Cholesterol and Underwriting RevisitedDr. F. Sestier
The Alzimer’s Gene and Insurance ImplicationsDr. P. St. George-Hyslop
Underwriting Diabetic NephropathyDr. T. Elliot
Long Term Mortality Effects Of Pediatric AsthmaDr. B. Lyttle
The Role of the Internet in Insurance MedicineDr. P. Smalley
Bulimia MortalityDr. R. Campbell
A Legal Outlook on DisabilityDonna Kraft LLB.
Outcome Measurement in DepressionDr. W. Lit
Whip Injuries and DisabilitiesDr. H. Berry
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity SyndromeDr. A. Leznoff
HIV and AIDs: Predicting SurvivalDr. M. Ferru
Evolution of Critical IllnessDr. H. Minuk
Experience With Critical Illness InsuranceDr. R. Pampe
Panel Discussion On Critical Illness