1997 Meeting

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1997 Summary of the Presentations

The new Role of the Insurance Industry in Health Care J. Fulton PhD
A Prescription for Canada’s Health Care SystemDr. M. Rachlis
A Review of Some European Health Care SystemsRegis Chomel DVM
Universal Drug Reimbursement in Quebec – Initial ResultsDr. M. Pelletier
Underwriting Silent IschemiaRoss MacKenzie MD
Echocardiography as an Underwriting ToolGeorge N Honos MD
New Cardiovascular Medication in 1997Peter McLeod MD
Gambling with Cardiovascular DiseaseSteven Grover MD
Underwriting the HypertensiveGuy Tremblay MD
Educating Practitioners in Insurance MedicineFebrice Chouty MD
Gene TherapyPavel Hamet MD
Genetic Markers and UnderwritingAlexander Lowden MD
Diabetic Nephropathy – IgG Nephropathy – PCKDGustave Denis MD
Underwriting the ElderlyTimothy Meagher MD
Sleep ApneaPaolo Renzi MD
Are HIV Patients Insurable in 1977Chris Tsoukas MD
FibromyalgiaSimon Carette MD
Musical HazardsMichel Dupuis MD
Diagnostic Accuracy of Technology used in LBP AssessmentRichard Leclaire MD
Principles of SpinoscopyNicholas Newman MD
Clues for Claims in PsychiatryBernard Manard MD
Multiple SclerosisPierre Duquette MD
Basic Principles PHARMACO-ECONOMICSAmiram Gafni MD
Provincial and Private FormulariesJacques Le Lorier MD
Chronic Hepatitis CMorris Sherman MD
Point of View of the Pharmaceutical IndustryA. Daniel Pettitt MD
The Assessment of New TechnologiesRenaldo Battista MD