1995 Meeting

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1995 Summary of the Presentations

Fate and Fairness – Genetic testing and insuranceJ. A. Lowden MD
Medical Testing and the Problem of Trust in 20th Century Life InsuranceUnderwritingT. M. Porter  PhD
An Ethical Perspective on Genetic TestingD. Wickler  PhD
Breast Cancer and LifestyleC. Haines  MD
Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Screening Program>J. Baldwin  MD
The Electrocardiogram – a useful tool or the tool of fools ?>J. S. McMillan  MD
Do Insurers Overutilize the ECG ?>B. R. MacKenzie  MD
Obesity in Canada: Cardiovascular Health Implications>B. Reeder  MD
The Computer-based Patient Record>J. Sullivan  MD
Genetic Testing and Privacy>B. Phillips
Life Insurance and Medical Confidentiality by the year 2000: Some predictions>O. Meletzke  LLB
Consumer Protection Safeguards at the MIB>N.Day  LLB
The CLHIA Guidelines for ConfidentialityT. Bugg  MD
Neurological ImpairmentsW. Hader  MD
Accident Research: Benefits of Collaboration Between Insurance Companiesand UniversitiesK. Yong-Hing  MD
How to Differentiate the MalingererC. Messer  MD
Early Return to Work Follows Early InterventionB. Gomberg  MD