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2010 Summary of the Presentations

What Genetics Has Done For You Lately: Basic Research to Better Medicine Dr. Dennis Liu
Predicting the Future of Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Sandra Black
Update on Breast Cancer – Risks, Prognosis, Treatment and Outcomes in 2010e Dr. Maureen Trudeau
Colorectal Cancer Morbidity and Mortality Update Dr. Sean Cleary
The Brain that Changes Itself: The Neuro-Plasticity Revolution Dr. Norman Doidge
MUD Rehabilitation and Compensation: a Socio Political Discussion Panel
Underwriting : Dealing with common problem spots Panel
Cardiac Disease in Women Dr. Beth Abramson
Anomalous Venous Blood Flow in Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Howard Minuk
Morbidity and Mortality associated with Rheumatic Diseases Dr. Simon Carette
Scratching the Surface: a Deeper Look at the Mortality of Non‐Malignant Skin diseases Dr. Tim Meagher
Should we rate differently based on ethnic background? Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Psychiatry and Insurance Dr. Sarah Vanderburg
The patient at risk for DM Dr. Marsha Werb
The Elderly Diabetic: a cardiologist’s perspective Dr. Michael Clark
Coronary Artery Calcium Score and Risk Stratification Dr. Ross Mackenzie
Risk Factors for Sudden Death Dr. Francois Sestier
Medical Advances leading to Insurance Product Development Opportunities Dr. Phil Smalley