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2004 Summary of the Presentations

Monday, May 10th
Cardiovascular Disease
Underwriting Diseases of the Aorta: How Far Can We Stretch It? Ross MacKenzie
The metabolic syndrome: A Wake Up Call? Francois Sestier
New Guidelines for Lipid Treatment; Will Anything Change? Jacques Genest
Stress echocardiography: A Sound Addition? George Honos
The ups and downs of PSA A Aprikian
Thrombophilic disorders and mortality S Kahn
Multiple sclerosis; early diagnosis and prognosis J Antel
The mortality of COPD Pierre Ernst


Tuesday, May 11th
Osteoporosis; mortality and morbidity aspects Suzanne Morin
Sleep Apnea mortality: are we asleep at the wheel? John Kimoff
Dysplastic nevi and its close relatives: mortality implications Beatrice Wang
Barrett's esophagus: mortality aspects Serge Mayrand
Parkinson's Disease; are we giving it a fair shake? Michel Panniset
Disability Forum
Depression/Stress in workplace Don Fulgosi
Assessing ability to return to work: a novel approach Ron Brown
Long Term Care Insurance; Another French Paradox John Evans
Cardiac rehabilitation- is it worth the effort? Steven Grover


Wednesday, May 12th
Mild cognitive impairment; Is it a concern? Howard Chertkow
Does modern treatment of stroke change prognosis? Robert Coté
How I handle high ferritin Sandy Lowden
Which Q waves bother me? M Godin
My take on Prolactinomas Bruce Rowat
The Quick and Dirty on Angiodysplasia Howard Minuk