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Association Canadienne des Directeurs Médicaux en Assurance-Vie

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1998 Summary of the Presentations

The New Brackenridge Dr. Sandy Lowden
A Kings Health Center Perspective on Private/Public Health Care Mix Dr. P. Tepperman
A Homewood Health Center Perspective on Private/Public Health Care Mix Dr. E. Perez
Underwriting Inflamatory Bowel Disease Dr. T. Meagher
Alcoholism: Mortality, Effects of Treatment Dr. G. Cunningham
Recent trends in CAD Mortality Dr. B. R. MacKenzie
Assessing Stress Test Results Dr. G. Trembly
The heart in Diabetes Mellitus: An Insurance Perspective Dr. Hafeezul Mohammed
Cholesterol and Underwriting Revisited Dr. F. Sestier
The Alzimer's Gene and Insurance Implications Dr. P. St. George-Hyslop
Underwriting Diabetic Nephropathy Dr. T. Elliot
Long Term Mortality Effects Of Pediatric Asthma Dr. B. Lyttle
The Role of the Internet in Insurance Medicine Dr. P. Smalley
Bulimia Mortality Dr. R. Campbell
A Legal Outlook on Disability Donna Kraft LLB.
Outcome Measurement in Depression Dr. W. Lit
Whip Injuries and Disabilities Dr. H. Berry
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome Dr. A. Leznoff
HIV and AIDs: Predicting Survival Dr. M. Ferru
Evolution of Critical Illness Dr. H. Minuk
Experience With Critical Illness Insurance Dr. R. Pampe
Panel Discussion On Critical Illness