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1996 Summary of the Presentations

The Kenneth W. G. Brown Memorial Lecture Single Gene Disease - Fact and Fantasy Katherine Siminovitch MD
Coronary Artery Disease - Have we made any impact on long term survival? Brian Kimball MD
Ventricular Tachycardia - Not all the same? - Evaluating and prognosticating the risk Louise Harris MD
Eating Disorders - Associated mortality risk Allan Kaplan MD
Hepatitis C - Assessment and associated Mortality Jenny Heathcote MD
Childhood Cancers – Long term prognosis Ron D. Barr MD
Thrombotic Syndromes - Classification evaluation and prognosis Richard Jay MD
NIDDM:Identifying risk factors that contribute to excess mortality Anne Kenshole MD
Case Management:Disability or ability to work? David S. L. Brown MD
The Design of the Ideal Impai Michel Lacerte MD
Case ClaimsManagement Strategies for Psychological Disabilities  - A Medical Perspective Kenneth Hashman MD
A Medical Rehab Model - Preferred Provider Organizations Lyle Gross MD
Objective Evaluation of Physical Disability through Functional Capacity Evaluations Janet Greenbank Dp. Pt. MHSc
ORCHESTRA- Matching job description and analysis of functional capacity. How effective is it? Sheila Ritcey PhD
Epilepsy- New treatments and mortality trends Joe Bruni MD
Methotrexate- How real are the concerns with its use? Arthur Bookman MD
KidneyTransplantation - How has the long term outlook improved? Carl Cardella MD
Debate:Is it the Medical Director's responsibility to Report Positive HIV tests? P Miller MD, A Lowden MD
Evidence Based Medicine - What is it? How will an understanding of it assist an insurance medical director? Geoffrey Anderson MD
Health Care Reform - Implications to the insurance industry Robert Brown
What is the best way to control escalating Drug costs? G Hines (PMA)
G Ujiye (OPA)
J L. Mann (CDMA)