Canadian Life Insurance Medical Officers Association
Association Canadienne des Directeurs Médicaux en Assurance-Vie

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The Executive of CLIMOA for 2016-17


To contact any member of the executive please check their name in the members section of this site or send a query here.


The Executive members are as follows:

President: Georgiana Pascutiu

President Elect: Francois Sestier

Past President: Tea Mamaladze

Second Past President: Francois Grondin

Third Past President: Bruce Boyd

Vice-President: Loraine Oman-Ganes

Treasurer: Monica Wilson

Secretary: Kim Minish

Website Liaison: Brian Gosset

Counselor: Catherine Ludwick, Emoke Posan, Jamie Morrison, Howard Minuk

Continuing Medical Education Liaison: Tim Meagher

Professional Relations Liaison: